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APPI Training Courses

Discover Paramotoring with a tandem flight! The APPI PPG Tandem Discovery is a Student Training Flight designed for those who wish to experience what it is like to fly a Paramotor without having to commit to a full course. The Tandem Discovery Flight is also an excellent training method for(Details)

The APPI PPG Open Sky Taster course is a 1 or 2 day program consisting of a course for those who want to have a basic understanding and knowledge of Paramotoring before progressing on to the 6 day Adventure Pilot course. Prerequisites/Course contents To enrol in an APPI PPG Open Sky Taster(Details)

The APPI PPG Adventure Pilot course is a Beginners course which provides the student with their first rating in the APPI PPG Education System. The student learns how to launch and control the wing on the ground, without the engine, and also learns how to control the Paramotor on the ground. The(Details)

The APPI PPG Pilot course is an intermediate course and provides the student with the APPI PPG Pilot qualification. Students must complete the APPI PPG Adventure Pilot course first. An APPI PPG Pilot is someone who has become an independent paramotor pilot, capable of flying solo and analysing(Details)