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Sofoklis Sofokleous

Sofo fell in love with flying at a young age. After two failed attempts to launch from the roof of his house (using a chair and a plastic grain bag, his dad always seemed to catch him just at the right time), he began flying and competing on national, European and world championships with model helicopters.
During his military service he started flying and teaching flexwing microlights, and few often from Cyprus to Greece and Lebanon. At the age of 17 he read an article regarding "portable aviation". He got excited with the idea of owning a powered paraglider and having the ability to fly anywhere possible in the world.
In 2004, following his graduation he ordered his first paramotor from Parajet International, while Gilo Cardozo agreed to come to Cyprus for a one to one crash course on paramotor .
Sofo fine tuned his skills and techniques, while flying around the world in various expeditions in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Austria, France, U.S.A and the U.K.
In 2012 he attended an instructor course with APPI in U.K. and became the first certified instructor in Cyprus.
It wasn't long before he swapped his day-job to follow his passion working full-time as an instructor. He is now teaching in different courses in Cyprus and V.I.P courses in Dubai.